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maxus gearbox manual 

Maxus Workshop Service Manual No.5 

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This LDV Factory Maxus Transaxle & Drive Shafts Workshop Service Manual is suitable for ALL 2005 to 2009 models of the Maxus with the VM Motori 2.5 CRD - CDi engine.


(Transaxle = front wheel drive transverse (fitted sideways) version of a traditional Gearbox)

(Transaxle = also known as: transverse gearbox and axle combination)


The Maxus van, pick-up & mini-bus range has two different transaxle types: low ratio and high ratio.

  • The low ratio PVL gearbox (transaxle) is fitted to the 2.8T GVW vehicles.
  • The high ratio PVH gearbox (transaxle) is fitted to the 3.2T to 3.5T GVW vehicles.

This manual covers both different transaxles and driveshafts including the vehicles with 15 inch or 16 inch wheels.


Table of Contents:


General Contents:

  • Introduction. 
  • References. 
  • General precautions. 
  • Repairs and replacements. 
  • Abbreviations and acronyms. 
  • Technical data. 
  • Lubricants and sealants. 
  • Maintenance. 
  • Special tools. 
  • Torque wrench settings. 
  • Transaxle illustrations with exploded diagrams. 


Drive Shafts:

  • Drive shafts - remove / refit: - 
  • separating track rod ball joint. 
  • detaching ball joint. 
  • removing left hand driveshaft. 
  • Constant velocity joints - 
  • CV joint gaiters - remove / refit: - 
  • detaching CV joint. 
  • fitting CV gaiter to shaft. 
  • CV joint overhaul:- 
  • dismantling. 
  • detaching CV joint. 
  • dismantling CV joint 
  • CV joint assembly. 
  • Tripod joints and/ or gaters - renew: - 
  • fitting tripoid joint. 
  • Drive shaft support bearing - renew: - 
  • rhs only. 
  • removing dirt shield. 
  • fitting bearing. 
  • Drive shaft oil seals - renew: - 
  • removing oil seal. 
  • fitting oil seal. 


Gearchange Mechanism:

  • Cable renewal: - 
  • gear selection cable - renew. 
  • gear engagement cable - renew. 
  • remove above. 
  • refit above. 
  • Cable adjustments: - 
  • gear selection cable adjuster. 



  • Remove / refit: - 
  • transaxle mounting. 
  • separating tie rod ball joint. 
  • right hand driveshaft support bearing plate. 
  • inspection. 
  • refit. 
  • clutch housing bolts. 
  • adjusting transaxle mounting. 
  • Clutch - remove / refit: - 
  • inspection. 
  • clutch release mechanism. 
  • fitting clutch. 
  • Overhaul: - 
  • Dismantling: - 
  • removing clutch release mechanism. 
  • removing guide sleeve. 
  • removing housing end cover - caution. 
  • engaging gear. 
  • locking input shaft. 
  • de-staking output shaft nut. 
  • removing reverse idler shaft. 
  • separating casings. 
  • removing shims. 
  • reverse idler gear. 
  • interlock plate assembly. 
  • removing change speed lever. 
  • removing reverse lever assembly. 
  • removing selector shafts. 
  • checking gear clearances. 
  • removing gear shafts. 
  • clutch housing. 
  • gears/bearings/bushes. 
  • synchro units. 
  • baulk rings. 
  • Inspection. 
  • Assembly sections. 
  • Final drive overhaul: - 
  • dismantle. 
  • inspection. 
  • assembling:- 
  • fitting transaxle casing procedures. 


This is a real LDV Maxus Factory Workshop Manual - full professional version for trade use.


These manuals have a leather grain effect rear cover and a clear acrylic front cover to keep your manuals clean.


It is primarily designed to assist skilled LDV technicians in the efficient repair and maintenance of the Maxus range of vehicles and as a trade reference for training LDV technicians & mechanics.


What you get when you purchase this manual:


1.   LDV Maxus Factory Workshop Manual - Front Transaxle & Driveshafts.
Full Professional Version x 1.


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Maxus Transaxle + Driveshafts Manual



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Maxus Workshop Service Manual No.5 




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